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Alexa was sitting on the bed, her focus exclusively on the video game in front of her.
"Is that the new Dishonored, looks awesome. Ohh... that's why you have this camera setup above you huh." I reached up a moved the angle of the camera slightly and sat down.
"Oh oh yes, hey is that a snack? God I haven't eaten since I got this game five days ago". she said glancing at the tray of square cookies.
"These are special, just for a skinny girl like yourself", I poked her in her side, right into what felt like her hip bone. "After all you're really getting too tiny". She screwed up her face a bit.
"Hey I am just glad I'm not a fat gamer like most of them".
"Well not yet", I joked. Reluctantly she bit into the first cookie, as she swallowed it felt like it was exploding into a liquid gushing down. Slowly but surely her flat waist began to fill up the calories finding their way to every inch as she softened up. I reach out again and gave her a poke, this time only flesh pushed back. She looked down confused then suddenly realized what was happening.
"NO DON'T MAKE ME CHUBBY LIKE! I want to be a cute skinmHRGHHH" grabbing the rest of the cookies I forced them into her mouth and held my hand there until she ate them. Her belly quickly brushes my arm as it grew forward.
"Haha you'll be much fatter than her I assure you piggy, I mean look how much you've let yourself go". as I spoke the bed began to creak with the added weight as the pounds piled on.

Hausika Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
I love this! Your artwork is amazing
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November 10, 2016
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